Corso Secure Identities AZ-101T04


Tipo corso: Corso E-learning Online;
Contenuto: Multimediale: Testo, Immagini, Video;
Test Verifica Apprendimento: Presenti;
Laboratorio: Parte Laboratoriale Remota Inclusa;
Durata Accesso al corso : 180 Giorni dall’attivazione;
Certificazione Associata: Azure Administrator Associate;
Esame Associato: AZ-101;
Lingua: EN;
Questo corso è disponibile nella modalità Aula e Video Presenza Tempo reale: Corso Amministratore Azure

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Intro Corso:

This course teaches IT Professionals to understand the challenges that organizations face in keeping modern IT environments secure, as the more distributed environments that are part of a cloud-first or hybrid world have rapidly created new security challenges for IT. The course focuses on three key areas in the defense against attackers who target security vulnerabilities, resulting particularly from credential theft and compromised identities: Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management (PIM). Students learn to implement two-step verification to secure the sign-in process, as well has how to use advanced features like trusted IPs and Fraud Alerts with MFA to customize their identity access strategy. Using Privileged Identity Management, students learn how to apply just the right amount of access rights for just the right amount of time to the various administrative roles as well as to resources.

Obiettivi Corso:

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Use Azure RBAC to grant a granular level of access based on an administrator’s assigned tasks.
  • Use Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to configure a strong authentication for users at sign-in.
  • User Azure AD Privileged Identity Management to configure access rights based on just-in-time administration.


This course is for Azure Administrators. Azure Administrators manage the cloud services that span storage, networking, and compute cloud capabilities, with a deep understanding of each service across the full IT lifecycle. They take end-user requests for new cloud applications and make recommendations on services to use for optimal performance and scale, as well as provision, size, monitor and adjust as appropriate. This role requires communicating and coordinating with vendors.  Azure Administrators use the Azure Portal and as they become more proficient they use PowerShell and the Command Line Interface.


Successful Azure Administrators start this role with experience on operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, and networking.

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Tipologia Materiale

Courseware + Lab Completo, Solo Libro Ebook


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